Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New Winter Hosiery Collections

It's that time of year again when we must finally succumb and cover up our summer tans. I have to admit, as a fan of layering, it's a time of year I really look forward to. Especially ever since Mhairi McNicol and Chloe Patience, those talented Scottish designers behind the award winning label Bebaroque, launched their elaboratly beautiful hosiery two years ago.

their new collection is full of wonderfully thick and silky soft tights illustrated with intricate patterns from the gold snakes of the Olga design to the tattooed, Russian lace of Gretel and the ethereal feathers of the Tawney design. I think it's possible to transform an entire wardrobe with a single pair of these tights. You could wear them with a simple dress, tailored shorts, flat brogues or skyscraper heels and I guarantee you will be stopped and asked 'where did you get those amazing tights?'

Another Scottish designer, Hilary Laing (a favourite of ours, see the Scarf Department for more of her designs) has launched a collection of hand printed tights.

The Scribble Collection is full of energy and expressive patterns that make for truly striking pins. As with Bebaroque's tights, Hilary's wares come in lovely packaging that is great to give as a gift as well as a treat for yourself.

Available from the Hosiery Room

Monday, 21 September 2009

We're in Debrett's 2010 Diary!

We were thrilled today when Debrett's emailed us to say that The Shop Floor Project has been selected for their 2010 Gentlemen's Diary. Each year the historic publishing house, Debrett's, creates a directory within the diary of exclusive places to visit, shop and relax. This year we have been included in the category 'Gifts for the lady in your life'.

It's a great idea to put us in the Gentlemen's Diary as hopefully said 'gentlemen' will surprise their loved one with an interesting gift from our collections - so if you want to get your chap a stylish gift with a clever hint inside then we couldn't think of anything better than this diary - it's available from Liberty's, Harrods, and on-line.

Marie Clare voted it in their top 10 diaries:
Not just any old diary, the Debrett's diary will also act as your personal assistant. In this fast-paced, hectic world we now expect so much more from our organisers, and this one actually delivers.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Strange World of the Charity Shop Orphans

Artist, Emma Harding, began the Charity Shop Orphan project five years ago when she found that a childhood passion had re-surfaced and she couldn’t pass a lone china ornament in a second hand shop without buying it and taking it home, even though she didn’t like them much.

Once home these ubiquitous objects were transformed, re-painted and given a name, grouping them into families such as the Crail’s or the Parmigiani's. These beautifully surreal creatures now take on a personality all of their own that is both humorous and absurd, referencing childhood obsessions with toys such as the sylvanian families.

Here, Emma explains her reasoning:

“In my childhood I shared a room and a large elongated MFI dressing table with my sister. Through the centre of the table was a clear divide, my half and hers. My side always hosted a carefully orchestrated and forever altering parade of china animal ornaments.

What is now apparent to me is how my taste for many of these ornaments could not be rekindled in adulthood and no matter how much I had been drawn to them as a child a different attraction had now taken it’s place. Perhaps a nostalgia or the desire to take a look at past innocent attractions drives me to paint and adorn each one according to my new, adult tastes, redefining their place in my world”

One off signed pieces, each piece arrives in a box with a certificate.

Visit the Ceramic Department to view the whole collection

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New Collections Coming Soon...

We're working into the wee hours everyday this month in order to launch all our wonderful new room sets and collections we've been developing. We've been collaborating with some exciting new designers and searching the world for must have items. The collections will be launching from Monday so please keep posted - we really hope you love what we've been doing!

In the meantime why not check out the Folk Exhibition for some one-off limited edition pieces.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Treasures in an Old New York Shoe Shop

Many of you will of already own a pair of Erica Weiner's vintage shoe clips and be constantly transferring them to different shoes because your feet just seem a bit under dressed without them?

Well, we now have the very last pairs in stock. These magic little objects that Erica rescued from an old shoe shop in New York which was closing down after fifty years really do transform old ballet pumps, court shoes and even sandals into couture-like objects that only you have.

They also make wonderful gifts as they are displayed on an Erica Weiner, vintage-inspired presentation card.

£16.50 Available from the Shoe Department