Monday, 31 March 2008

Snow Showers and Hot Coffee

Well the Tin Shed Fair is now closed and we had quite a weekend. The Parsonage Rooms (where the Tin Shed was held) was transformed by The Shopkeepers and their trusty assistants into a wonderland in the middle of the countryside. Comments about how stunning and unusual everything looked were graciously accepted, some people even traveled over 80 miles through horrendous weather just to come and see us.

Lots of hot coffee and carrot cake kept our bodies warm and spirits up over the four days.

Thanks to Glenn for his artful bookbinding demonstrations and to all the artists who contributed to the Fair!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Art on a paper bag - buy one get one free

We have been busy sourcing bags for our forthcoming ‘Tin Shed’ craft exhibition.

We of course wanted paper ones - a) because they will not add to the ever increasing mountain of plastic across our countryside and b) we wanted to use the bags to print a series of artist’s images for people to keep.

We are starting this project with a series of images produced by myself and Samantha and hope to continue with other artists at future exhibitions. So when you buy one of our small designer objects you will get another piece entirely free courtesy of your limited edition paper bag!
Click poster on the right to read more about the Tin Shed exhibition.