Monday, 12 March 2012

In Vogue

Its always a real treat to find that an object from our collections has found it's way onto the pages of Vogue, so imagine how thrilled we were this month to find two of our pieces are featured.

First is the Tribal Silk Necklace by COOKED - our in house design team which is named after The Raw and the Cooked by anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss and refers to the creative process - from initial idea (the raw) to the final product (the cooked).

Each necklace is made from fragments of silk and various braids and are based on the Sun Ray necklaces worn by the ancient Mayans. Perfect for summer worn with a simple t-shirt.

Second, is the ever-popular Gold Lined Quails Egg Necklace by jewellery designer Stephanie Simek.

It looks unbelievably fragile but in fact is very tough, having been lined in 24c gold leaf and sealed within a protective coating. Perfect as an alternative Easter egg!