Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ancient Tribe Collection Features in Grazia

Our newest jewellery collection, Ancient Tribe by, African born India based designer, Pieter Erasmus has made it into this weeks Grazia's Fashion Charts.

This is wonderful news as we want to shout out from the roof tops about this collection - not just because it's so beautiful and easy to wear, but also because of the way each piece is made.

Pieter employs six local Indian women in Delhi who work with him in the studio where they meticulously hand make each component using metallic crochet and faceted glass beads.

Inspired by the African landscape and patterns found in the architecture of the north, Pieter's jewellery looks as grand, rich and intricate as a faded palace in the desert.

There is also an historical element to the jewellery with structures and materials reminiscent of early Elizabethan costume.
Even just with a plain t-shirt you will certainly feel very regal wearing a piece from this collection.

The collection is available from the Jewellery Department.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

25% Off Hand Printed T- Shirts: a happy bank holiday offer

To celebrate the long weekend we are offering 25% off Lee May Foster's t-shirts!

There are lots of t-shirts around, but none quite like Lee May Foster's. Perhaps it's because she's Cornish, in tune with all that coastal nature, or that she's the official designer for the wonderful band Bat For Lashes (see below), that makes her designs so interesting?

I like to wear my Parade T (shown
above) with jeans and a vintage tuxedo blazer whereas Denise wears hers under pinafore dresses. Hand printed onto the softest, ethically made t-shirts - these are perfect for early summer!

(The Shop Floor Project highly recommends this album)

Visit the T-Shirt Department to view the whole collection.
Please note the discount shows in your basket at the checkout.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to explore the rest of the shop

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Birds: a new jewellery collection by Alice Eden

Alice Eden is the latest jeweller to exhibit within the Jewellery Department. The Birds is her beautiful new collection which, not surprisingly, is influenced by Hitchcock's classic film and features tiny silver silhouettes of birds which have each been hand covered in the darkest black enamel and hang on gunmetal faceted chains. Available from the Jewellery Department

Alice's jewellery can also be seen in the new window display! Visit www.theshopfloorproject.com to see it.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Bag Lady

What is the appropriate response to being told that the Victoria and Albert Museum would like to purchase your work for their permanent collection? For textile artist Laura Marsden her response was one of overwhelming excitement that she simply could not contain.

Marsden is a sort of guerrilla lace-maker. Instead of demurely contemplating each pull of the needle, she stitches with great speed using thread recycled from strips of plastic bags and sculpts the ‘lace’ panels into what seem like delicate and ephemeral pieces. Up close however, the intricate lace transforms into tiny uneven and energetic knots. I imagine an expert would snootily call her work ‘unaccomplished’, but being a slave to tradition does not interest Marsden. After completing her degree at Chelsea School of Art she purchased a book called The Encyclopaedia of Stitch that she used as research into traditional techniques. Pairing this knowledge with a desire to recycle existing material, such as plastic bags, Marsden has invented a new method which she is currently patenting.

The V&A Museum have recognised in Laura an innovator. Sitting along side their historical lace in the textile storage room are two of her ‘Ruffs’. These necklaces are based on lace ruffs of the 17th century and made with plastic V&A gift shop bags that Marsden has been collecting for years when visiting exhibitions. As you can imagine she is quite a collector of bags, the green and white Marks and Spencer’s being her favourite!

The limited edition collection has been created exclusively for The Shop Floor Project and includes The Ruff, The Diamond Necklace and The Flower Corsage.
The pieces from the collection are designed to be worn as well as collected.

View the Collection here

Thursday, 1 May 2008

"Tea for Two" FREE OFFER for May Day Weekend!

To celebrate May Day weekend we are offering a Sexy Legs Milk Jug by Tina Tsang (worth £37) for all orders over £200*

May Day weekend is a glorious time of year for us, conjouring up visions of maypole dancers, picnic rugs and afternoon cream teas by the lake. Or if it's raining going to our favourite tea terrace at Brantwood overlooking Lake Coniston and order numerous cakes and scones! Come to think of it, is there anything more lovely than a picnic which lasts all afternoon and into the early evening leaving you delirious with relaxation .
A Picnic by Sir David Wilkie

*The Offer is available from now and ends 5pm on Monday 5th May. The milk jug will be sent automatically with any order over £200. Alternatively if you would just like to purchase a milk jug or any of the Sexy Legs Collection please feel free to visit our Ceramics Dept.

Have a lovely May Day Weekend!