Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Love Blanket for Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again when shops fill their windows with red heart stickers, giant cards with two teddy bears cuddling and balloons seem to be everywhere. It may sound a bit miserable but I don't buy gifts for Valentine's Day, I seem to always forget and then it passes and the moments gone.

But there is one item that we sell which makes me think 'oh, maybe this year I should treat someone special'...

So a question, what would be the perfect object for:

1. a Valentine's Day present (that you can take as much, if not more, joy in)
2. to brighten a cold, grey February day
3. something to cherish for years
4. and support the British craft industry in the process

And the beautiful object is.....

The cashmere Love Blanket by Holly Berry

Hidden in the weave and pattern of each Holly Berry blanket is a message of love and comfort created using a Morse code pattern which is woven into the cloth’s double layered structure.

Holly’s uplifting colour pallet is inspired by vintage textiles and her own drawings and photography. She carefully sources natural yarns such as cashmere, lambs wool and merino from UK suppliers to create a striking colour pallet and support UK makers.

Holly works very closely with an established mill in Scotland to manufacture her blankets, offering her an opportunity to celebrate and promote traditional UK manufacturing, something that is very close to Holly and The Shop Floor Project’s heart.

Holly describes what she loves about the ancient art of weaving

Weaving and all of its processes speak strongly to my ideals of time, storytelling and sustainable practice, taking the time, effort and skill to produce special work with a unique sense of value. Each piece that I make is a colourful and contemporary interpretation of a craft which used to be a common industry in many towns throughout the UK. I celebrate the traditions of this craft and community as well as honoring my long standing belief in slow textiles, responsibility and emotionally durable design.

I am currently undertaking a residency in the North of the Shetland Islands to further enhance my practice, absorbing the traditions of the local crafts and celebrating this unique place full of history and skill. I am inspired by the local materials and subtle colours of the islands and will be producing work directly influenced by Shetland.

My luxury woven cloths and wearable blankets are to be used continuously. I am proud to create pieces that will remain with a generation or family for a lifetime. They provide the warmth of wrapping yourself up in a protective layer, preparing you for the world and enriching your experience with colour, warmth and love.”