Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Inspired by the Dutch Golden Age

Circular Topography Boxes 

Inspired by the epic landscape painters of the Dutch Golden Age such as Jacob Van Rusiendeal and Jan Van Goyen, Denise Allan has created a series of painted boxes which depict the wild skies and vernacular architecture of Cumbria. 

For over twenty years Denise has looked at the Dutch Masters as a source of inspiration, in particular the use of light within painting and the use of alternative surfaces on which to paint such as boxes, cabinets and furniture. 

The lids of the Circular Topography Boxes are painted in oil and each one different.  The outside is painted and lacquered in old black and the inside is painted in a specific blue which is inspired by the blue that reveals itself behind the stormy grey clouds in the skies of the Dutch Masters.

£225 each

Available as part of the on-line exhibition Contemporary Folk Ware

Friday, 15 May 2009

Michelle Obama Supports Independent Designers

For the White House Correspondence Dinner last week, the first lady chose to wear a stunning piece from the new St Erasmus collection, Tribal Flower.

Looking radiant in a simple shocking pink dress she added a touch of glamour with this Flower Power necklace which is encrusted with tiny fresh water pearls, sequins, glass beads and metallic gold Zari crochet.

Flower Power Necklace £225

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Contemporary Folk Ware Exhibition - Launches today

The ‘Contemporary Folk Ware’ exhibition, which launches today, celebrates a substantial body of work produced by contemporary artists and designer/makers that exemplifies the values of traditional folk ware. The term ‘folk’ conjures up images of simply decorated and honestly made objects created by rural communities that reflect everyday life.


Traditionally folk ware displayed elements of social history through the incorporation of re-used materials or designs and craft techniques transmitted from generation to generation.

This exhibition brings together objects created by a group of present day designer/makers linked by a deep-rooted allegiance to hand-made wares with a strong social and cultural heritage. Elements of personal history are intertwined with techniques and design motifs inspired by historical practices that produce objects with a sense of spontaneity and a comforting connection to long-held traditions.

Over the next few weeks a series of guest writers will explore the pieces within the exhibition which includes jewellery from Greece, small boxes depicting epic landscapes and animal masks which will turn any dinner party into a surreal evening. But for now why not explore the three rooms and tell us what you think.

Visit the exhibition here...