Friday, 20 May 2011

New collections just in + a treasured item...

Pedigree Chums Book
by Alice Pattullo
Since launching Alice's work last winter we have sold out again and again of her limited edition prints and books. There is something about her work that is so of the time, so lust-worthy!

In this new work she steps away from the screen printer and uses a mixture of photo-printing combined with hand painting, ensuring each one is slightly different.

Each page is folded and features a antique dog figurine. You can keep it as a book or unfold and frame the large pages.

These limited edition fold up books are real collectors items and make great gifts.

Ceramics by
Fliff Carr

Fliff Carr creates sculptural ceramics from her studio in North London where she explores both scale and pattern in her work. In this series she has created an elegant small jug with a relatively enormous handle that seems to belie physics but which stands and pours with precision.

This exploration of scale continues with Fliff’s ‘Treasure Bowls’; delicate earthenware dishes which are impossible to resist cupping in he palm of your hand to marvel at. When placed next to the Hoop Jug, the treasure bowls seems to exaggerate even further the handle and proportions of the jug becoming components of a sculpture.

They make beautiful objects for display but equally function well as a cream jug and sugar bowl on the kitchen table. See the collection here...

Don't forget to check out our other ceramic collections in the newly spruced up Ceramic Rooms...

My Treasured Item

Samantha Allan (one half of The Shop Floor Project) explains why, out of all of beautiful objects in the shop, this is her favourite.

"Asking me to pick one item from our collections is very hard. However, the Hummingbird Skull necklace by Erica Weiner is something I have worn every day for two years!

I am currently reading The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal which explores the author's ancestors and their identities via a collection of tiny hand-carved, Japanese Netsuke figures which have been handed down through his family since the mid 19th century.

As I read this book, I am reminded of my Hummingbird Skull necklace. It was not handed down like the Netsuke were to the author, but I have chosen it as the object I carry around with me and wear daily (like the original intention of Netsuke), to play with when I am concentrating, to show people and watch their astonishment at the tiny size of it, and to ponder on the wonder of nature. It is my own heirloom that I would never give away."

Exquisitely cast in sold brass from an original skull, it measures no more than one inch from skull to beak - available from Erica Weiner's cabinet in the Jewellery Room.

Back in stock!

The striking
Herd cotton scarf by Lee May Foster is back by popular demand, perfect for summer days!