Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Creatures of the Woodland

I have made it my mission this late summer to hold a fun picnic. The sort that you imagine the Bloomsbury set having in the 1920's. Long sunny afternoons, dressed in unusual outfits and drinking champagne with a raspberry dropped in for good measure. At my magical picnic, or dinner party if wet, I will be giving each one of my glamorous guests an Abigail Brown animal mask to wear - nothing says fun to me than a party with a mask and these beautifully drawn, grown-up versions are perfect for a summer picnic/party.

You may be thinking why on earth would I want to wear an animal mask at a party but, as the bohemian Bloomsbury lot knew, things are much more fun the more adventurous your attire.

So I am picturing my friends in their summer dresses or perhaps high waisted oxford bags lazing around and feeling a little more relaxed as a fox, rabbit, cat or bear. Why not give one to each of your guests and see if the usual need to 'break the ice' seems to vanish!

Woodland Creature Masks
£6.50 each available here in the Exhibition room

1 comment:

Amy Clarke said...

Cute idea, and I love the masks - never seen anything like them before and they're really well executed!

Amy xo