Monday, 3 August 2009

There's Beauty on the Outside

This morning I selected a pair of Erica Weiner's miniature Oyster Shell earrings to wear for the day and since then I've been asking myself what it is I love about these tiny wonders?

After much consideration I came to a conclusion: Because the outer shell of the oyster is, lets be honest, not as beautiful as the iridescence mother of pearl it is lined with or as covetable as the glimmering pearl it protects, the shell itself rarely gets the attention it deserves.

That is until Erica decided to celebrate these ancient creatures with these stunningly cast three dimensional earrings. Each one holds three tiny oyster shells as if they have been caught that day, dipped in gold and left to dry in the sunlight.

And as I wear these little wonders I imagine what minuscule pearl is sleeping inside...

Oyster Shell Earrings, £26

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