Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pick of the Week - Nautical Chic

What is it with the weather at the moment? For the last few days it's been so hot we've been in shorts and sandals, today I'm wearing a cardigan and I can see storm clouds brewing through the window. With this is mind my choice for Pick of the Week is something summery but will also keep you warm, is super stylish and in the sale - what more could you ask for?


These beauties should come with a warning "people may stare at your legs". Not a bad thing really! Checkout the Dressing up Box for styling ideas.

Available here

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Unlock The Secret Door!

Help unlock the door to our new and exciting Secret Fan Room where you'll find amazing offers exclusive to you!

Once we reach 500 fans on our new Facebook Page we'll open this fantastic space which will offer you discounts and free gifts from our wonderful collections

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Once our Facebook Fan base reached 500 we'll announce the special password which opens the room.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pick of The Week - The lure of the sea

This week I have been craving a long break on one of the Greek islands; the ancient language, old ruins, hot dusty sun but most of all I have been longing for that bluer than blue sea.

This desire has obviously coloured my choice for pick of the week. As I am not in Greece but in Cumbria I have been using Katrin Moye's milk jug to help transport me to this dream. With it's hand made charm, azure blue glazed pattern along with the rustic white background, it feels like the colours and textures of Greece all perfectly wrapped up into one small object.

It seems to have worked because the sun has come out here today and is the warmest it's been since last summer. I put it down to the magic of the jug and dreaming of warmer days.

Available from the Ceramic Department

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pick of the Week - The Exotic Hide

Every Tuesday we'll be be putting the spotlight on a single piece from The Shop Floor Project's vast collection of wonderful objects.

This week Samantha tells us why she has chosen this piece:

Firstly the feel of this scarf is just glorious. Made from 100% silk It has that heavy, georgette feel that you find on silk dresses from the 1930's. Because of the weight of it and the generous length, it drapes beautifully and is perfect for protecting against both the summer sun and the summer winds!

Secondly the print is both classic and modern. Like an exotic tiger hide but exaggerated in scale and printed in a soft stone and vivid purple that looks like it's smudging into each other.

I am a complete magpie when it comes to silk scarves. I have been collecting them ever since I worked for the textile designer Neisha Crosland, where I saw first hand how beautiful scarves are made. This one by Ella Doran is the latest addition to my collection and I love the way it looks vintage and modern at the same time! In fact I am wearing it today with a grey T-shirt and navy blazer.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fashion Editor is hooked on The Shop Floor Project

The very stylish and knowledgeable Lucy Wood (AKA Fashion Editor) writes and edits for leading magazines and newspapers and has written a very lovely post about The Shop Floor Project on her blog - fashion-editor.blogspot.com (which is packed with little gems and secret finds).

Here's the post:

Fashion Editor will never tire of The Shop Floor Project. This quirky online store handpicks off-radar designers and brings them to the public in the form of an arty e-commerce hub of rising stars.

First flashing on my radar a few years back when I assisted at Grazia, when their PR contact Sam called asking me to check it out, I did and was hooked. It's designer Rheanna Lingham stealing the show online right now. Her Wheat Sheaf necklace is a gold textile embroidered motif, backed in gold leather with a gold plated chain.

Inspired by 19th century military adornments this is such a classic design and at just £20, think of the cost per wear! Next season when all of the double button fronted khaki jackets and buckle up boots have passed, there's still a Petit Bateau stripy Breton top crying to be spruced up with this gem.